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final presentation


Tromsø Kunstforening  27.06.20 - 02.08.20

The primary artistic results were presented in the final presentation at Tromsø Kunstforening 27th of June, 2020.

final presentation
additional material

Den Frie, Copenhagen 01.11.19 - 11.02.19


Die Raum, Berlin – 01.09.19 - 03.11.19

In addition to the final presentation I'm including documentation of previous exhibitions: Half Hidden at Den Frie in Copenhagen and Search Quarry at Die Raum in Berlin in 2019.


Some of the work in the final presentation at Tromsø Kunstforening (Half Hidden - the video installation and Polarizer) was made specifically, in its first iteration, for the venue at Den Frie in Copenhagen, and even though the work is the same I feel it is important to show the way this work was originally installed as well as in its second iteration in Tromsø Kunstforening. 

I'm including Search Quarry as a secondary artistic result mainly because the making of it has been essential to the project in particular to the reflection text.

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