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Final presentation – Tromsø Kunstforening

The final presentation in Tromsø Kunstforening comprises a body of work that can be grouped into 4 sections – as outlined on the floor plan. These groups are collections of individual works that are related. The following is a list of those groups of works.


1 – Archive of Uncertainties is a group of works: a series of 14 photograms: Imperial Cabinet Card on MacBook Pro and 4 archive boxes: Orsugiaq, Kryolith, Mine- og Handels-Selskabet, The Fidgety Ones Were Here, and Polar Bear and Pick Axes.


2 – Blueprints: Cryolite Deposits (1857-2020), Limits of Movement for Women under Greenlandic Law (1934), Payload on Fire (1929).


3 – Polarizer is a large sculpture, which is part of the video installation Half Hidden.


4 – Half Hidden is a two channel video installation, incl. epoxy puddles, subtitles on LED panel, a robot mop and the large sculpture Polarizer. 


On this page documentation of the video installation Half Hidden is included in the form of a two screen compilation of the work, and two recordings of the videos installed in Tromsø Kunstforening – one cycle with subtitles in English and one with subtitles in Greenlandic (they alternate: two English cycles and one Greenlandic pr hour).


The exhibition handout is available as a pdf.

final presentation
floor plan
walk through

archive of uncertainties

plywood, epoxy, LCD screens, cables, 14 photograms, 4 archive boxes. Dimensions: 500 x 100 x 130 cm

imperial cabinet card on macbook pro

Series of 14 photograms. Photographic exposure by LCD screen on Fujicolor DP2 Lustre paper. Dimensions: 33,1 x 20,8 cm

– photograms


Seawhite archival box w. pillow and cryolite, water spray. Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 25 cm

– orsugiaq

Kryolith, Mine- og handels-Selskabet

Seawhite archival box w. cast of 3d-printed replica of brass sign from Ivittuut auctioned on Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 25 cm

– kryolith, mine og handel
– the fidgety ones

the fidgety ones were here

Seawhite archival box w. polarising thin films and traces of Nakasuk's account of stone spirits. Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 40 cm